Anthropology Graduate Program

We offer MA and PhD degrees with specialties in the three major subfields of Anthropology. Admissions preference is given to MA-seeking students who intend to pursue an MA-PhD sequence, rather than a terminal MA. The interdepartmental concentration in Gender and Women's Studies is also available to UIC students, as well as the Interdepartmental Concentration in Latin American and Latino Studies.

  • Archaeology: The combined faculties of the UIC Departments of Anthropology and the Field Museum represent one of the largest concentrations of anthropological archaeologists in the USA. We currently have research projects being conducted across the world.
  • Sociocultural Anthropology: The sociocultural program offers focused, topical specializations in Political Economy and Development, Medical Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, Globalization, Transnational Politics and Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, the Politics of Commodities and Consumption, Anthropology of Food, and Environmental Anthropology.¬† Area specialties include South Asia (India and Nepal), Southeast Asia (Singapore and the Philippines), Latin America, (Mexico, Bolivia, and Peru), Africa (Tanzania), and the United States.
  • Biological Anthropology:¬†Biological anthropology focuses on the evolution of the humans and closely related species from a comparative perspective. At UIC we are especially interested in modern populations as well as on issues of health.