Feb 6 2019

When things go Awry: Distinguishing Martial Practice in the Archaeological Record an Afternoon with Dr. Chris Hernandez, UIC Anthropology

Brown Bag Series

February 6, 2019

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


BSB 2105


Chicago, IL 60612

In this presentation Dr. Hernandez will focus on the classic archaeological problem of distinguishing the function of material remains. He does so by examining martial and hydraulic functions for a ditch and associated mounds at the site of Tzunun in Chiapas, Mexico. The earthen features presented an opportunity to test various models for human behavior based on settlement patterns and architectural form. Yet, after several field seasons of excavation and analysis, the function of Tzunun’s ditch and associated mounds remains up for debate. Consequently, Dr. Hernandez invites the audience to talk through the problems of modeling practice, formation processes, and regional history to identify the function of earthen features at Tzunun.

Dr. Hernandez's talk will take place in BSB 2105 from 3-4pm. After the talk and a question and answer session, we will move across the hall to the anthropology lounge for light refreshments and continued discussion.

The Graduate Anthropology and Geography Association (GAGA) sponsors a year-long series of Brown Bag talks, workshops, and roundtables among our faculty and graduate students. Talks may be a student 'testing out' a presentation, a student or faculty member working through a challenge in their research, or an informal sharing of each other's research. Our hands-on workshops are geared to improve our teaching, applying for jobs, or becoming better presenters. Roundtables are opportunities for graduate students to get together and discuss challenges and solutions for difficult issues from managing the classroom to balancing work and our social lives.


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Jan 16, 2019

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Feb 5, 2019