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Fall 2023 Graduate Courses

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ANTH 420 Cultural Heritage Studies with Dr. Peri Johnson

ANTH 424 Violence (HYBRID) with Dr. Lisa Frohmann

ANTH 494 Anthropological Data Collection with Dr. Katie Starkweather

ANTH 494 Child Migration in the Americas with Dr. Soleded Alvarez Velasco

ANTH 494 Environmental Climate Justice with Dr. Rosa Cabrera

ANTH 500 Social and Cultural Theory I with Dr. Molly Doane

ANTH 502 Theory and Method in Archaeology with Dr. Solinis Casparius

ANTH 508 Research Design and Grant Writing with Dr. Brian Bauer

ANTH 520 Rise and Fall of States and Empires with Dr. Mitch Hendrickson

ANTH 594 Urban Anthropology with Dr. Kareem Rabie

ANTH 595 Graduate Seminar in Anthropology with Dr. Mitch Hendrickson