Department of Anthropology instructors honored at the the Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence (HOPE) Award ceremony

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Bauer and Kevin Suemnicht, who were nominated for the HOPE Award ceremony hosted by UIC Campus Housing this year.

Campus Housing at UIC recognizes the importance of faculty building a connection with their students. Therefore, they instituted this award to recognize and thank exemplary faculty members for contributing to the student residents’ success.

They were both nominated by Helena Sullivan Arañega who wrote the following in their praise: 

Dr. Bauer
"He has made me enjoy and love studying for ANTH 100."

Kevin Suemnicht
"For having energy at 8.00 am every Monday to motivate me to learn about different and interesting topics, for playing great music at the start of every discussion section. For being an awesome TA."

Image of Dr. Brian Bauer and Kevin Suemnicht at the HOPE Award Ceremony

Dr. Bauer and Kevin Suemnicht at the HOPE Award ceremony