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Damian J. Peoples

Graduate Student



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BSB 3152C


1007 W. Harrison Street

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Damian Peoples CV


My ongoing research concerns issues of race, nationality, and gender within the context of contemporary French society.  Based upon fieldwork performed in the northeast suburbs of Paris, France, I examine how processes of racialization work in the historically color-blind French nation.  My coursework in West European Studies at Indiana University provided me with the geographical knowledge and spurred my interest to pursue further study in this area. My Master’s thesis at Indiana University examined the French debates over the 1989 Creil school incident in which three young Muslim girls were expelled for wearing Islamic headscarves in the classroom.  In my current research, I hope to illuminate the intersections of race, class and gender within the lives of individuals of African descent living in the working-class neighborhoods of the Parisian suburbs.

Region: Western Europe

Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy

Notable Honors

2011, Provost's Award for Graduate Research, University of Illinois at Chicago

2011, Charles Reed Fund, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Anthropology

2008, Abraham Lincoln Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago


BS, Business, Indiana University
MA, West European Studies, Indiana University
MA, Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Professional Memberships

American Men’s Studies Association

American Anthropological Association

Association of Black Anthropologists

Selected Presentations

2018, Africans are strong, but football is more than that: Race and French Sport, American

Mens Studies Association Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Minneapolis, MN.


2016, Deny, Deny, Accept, Negotiate:  Processes of Racialization in Multi-Ethnic Suburban Paris, Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Minneapolis, MN.


2016, Negotiated Frenchness:  Belonging and Identity in the French Suburbs, Midwest Graduate Student Research Symposium, Toledo, OH.


2016, Irreconcilable Republics: France and Its Suburbs, Second City Anthropology Conference, Chicago, IL.


2013, Marginalizing Muhammad and Mbeke: Race and Gender in the French Suburbs, American Men’s Studies Association Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Ann Arbor, MI.

Research Currently in Progress

masculinity, gender identity, race and ethnicity in France