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Ana Luiza M. Soares

Graduate Student



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BSB 2159A


1007 W. Harrison Street

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Ana Luiza M. Soares CV


My research delves into the urban history and anthropology of the informal/formal and legal/illegal sides of the city of Manaus, Brazil. I aim to discuss the history of treatment and ethnic identification of indigenous peoples in the late 19th and early 20th century. This history intent to highlight the importance of indigenous people in the creation of the city of Manaus as a history of evident personal agencies through the analysis of newspapers and criminal processes.

Region: Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Committee Chair: Anna Roosevelt

Selected Grants

CAPES/LASPAU, Dissertation Research Fellowship, Principal Investigator

Selected Publications

2014 Os indígenas na cidade de Manaus: entre a invisibilidade e a assimilação [The indigenous people of Manaus: between invisibility and assimilation]. Masters’ dissertation, Federal University of Amazonas – Manaus.

2013 Indigenous history in the nineteenth century: the context for discussion of the indigenous presence in the urbanization of Manaus. XXVII History National Symposium.

2013 Indigenous history: ethnogenesis and ethnification. X Reunión de Antropología del Mercosul, Córdoba, p. 1-13.

Notable Honors

2016, Chancellor's Research Award, University of Illinois at Chicago


M.A. Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.S. Anthropology, University of Amazonas
B.A. History, University of Viçosa

Research Currently in Progress

Indigenous people of Manaus (1880-1930): the arising of the invisible