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Wenpeng Xu

Graduate Student



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BSB 2102/MS 027


1007 W. Harrison Street


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My research centers on the archaeology of Song-Yuan Chinaand the cross-cultural interactions along the Silk Road. My dissertation explores the structure and dynamics of the production networks in the export-oriented porcelain industry at Dehua, Quanzhou, China. I also carried out research on the porcelain production of the Yuan dynasty at Jingdezhen, the distribution of Chinese porcelain along the Maritime Silk Road, and the interactions between Chinese and Islamic ceramics.


Selected Grants

National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award, 2019, Co-Principal Investigator

University of Illinois at Chicago, Award for Graduate Research, 2019, Principal Investigator

The Field Museum, NSF Subsidized Project, 2019, Principal Investigator

Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS, Predissertation Summer Travel Grant, 2017, Principal Investigator

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chancellor's Graduate Research Award, 2016, Principal Investigator

Selected Publications

2019   Xu, Wenpeng, Lisa C. Niziolek, and Gary M. Feinman. Sourcing qingbai porcelains from the Java Sea Shipwreck: compositional analysis using portable XRF. Journal of Archaeological Science 103:57-71.

2017   Xu, Wenpeng, Jianfeng Cui, Dashu Qin, Jianxin Jiang, and Fu-an Zou. The formulae and techniques of the Yuan-dynasty white porcelains unearthed at the Luomaqiao kiln site at Jingdezhen. Palace Museum Journal 189(1):123-143.


PhD candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2017-
M.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, Anthropology, 2016
M.A., Peking University, Archaeology, 2014
B.A., Jilin University, Archaeology and Museology, 2011

Selected Presentations

018     "Provenance study of qingbai porcelains from the Java Sea Shipwreck," Paper presented at the Ceramic Road: New Discoveries and New Perspectives of the Ceramic Archaeology, Beijing, China, November 3-4.

2016   "Regional Variation? Exploring the Similarities and Differences of Maritime Ceramic Trade between Southeast Asian Polities in the 12-13th Century," Paper presented at the 7th International Society for East Asian Archaeology conference, Cambridge and Boston, USA, June 8-12.

Research Currently in Progress

Development of A Complex Production Network: Export-oriented Porcelain Production at Dehua, China (960-1368 CE)