Graduate Students

 UIC picture  Aditi Aggarwal
Region: South Asia
Topics of Interest: cultural anthropology, urban renewal and redevelopment, mobilities, gendered labour
Committee Chair: Tarini Bedi
Alize Arican
Region: Istanbul, Turkey
Topics of interest: displacement and poverty, politics of space, urban political movements, right to the city, public space
Committee Chair: Tarini Bedi
Emily Baca
Emily Baca Marroquin
Region: Peru
Topics of interest: Andean archaeology, interaction of complex societies, the Inca
Committee Chair: Brian Bauer
John Beaver
Region: North America
Topics of interest: archaeology, Native American studies
Kara Bantz Zachary Blair
Region: North America
Topics of interest: cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, environmental anthropology, queer communities and culture, race, gender
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
Krystal Britt
Krystal Britt
Region: North American Southwest
Topics of interest: archaeology of warfare and conflict, prehistoric Sinagua, GIS
Committee Chair: Vince LaMotta
Canilao_Michael Michael Canilao
Region: Island Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: Intra-Asian region gold exchanges, chiefdom studies, upland-lowland interactions (10th to 16th c.), contact period archaeology (17th to early 20th c.)
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
Gabriel E. Cantarutti Gabriel E. Cantarutti
Region: Southern Andes
Topics of interest: Andean prehistory, archaeology of middle range societies, interregional interaction processes, Inca Empire in Chile and Argentina, prehistoric mining-metallurgy
Committee Chair: Brian Bauer
 Josephine Chaet  Josephine Chaet
Region: The Middle East
Topics of interest: cultural anthropology, crime, development of legal sanctions, gender, and honor-based violence
Committee Chair: Tarini Bedi

Mrinalini Chakraborty
Region: The Andes
Topics of interest: Biological Anthropology, Early-Middle Horizon Andean prehistory; analysis of ancient DNA from Nasca skeletal collections; and population dynamics in ancient Peruvian populations
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams

Alexandra De Leon Alexandra De Leon
Region: Southeast Asia, Philippines
Topics of interest: Southeast Asian prehistory and archaeology, development of complex societies, ceramics
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
Rebecca Deeb
Region: Mexico
Topics of interest: Postclassic Lowland Maya, Mesoamerican archaeology, Maya, trade, rock art, gender
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
Rory Dennison Rory Dennison
Region: China
Topics of interest: complex societies, trade, exchange

Lara Diniz
Region: South America
Topics of interest: Environmental Anthropology, relationships between traditional communities and their local environments; indigenous hunting practices and sustainability; and ecological knowledge
Committee Chair: Anna Roosevelt

Katy Dye
Katy Dye
Region: Latin America
Topics of interest: social movements, gender and ethnonationalism, reproductive politics, 20th century Bolivia
Committee Chair: Molly Doane

Aldo Foe
Region: Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: historical archaeology, identity, culture change, colonialism, Islanic Archaeology
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
Emily Fowler
Region: Chicago
Topics of Interest: political ecology, food justice, sustainability, anthropology of food, urban anthropology, sovereignty 
Committee Chair: Molly Doane

Kimberly Garza
Region: Mississippi
Topics of interest: stress, adolescent health, metabolism, obesity
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
Jacob Orin Gold
Region: Southeast Asia, Cambodia
Topics of interest: ethnobotany, human-environment interactions, the roles of ethnic minorities in Southeast Asian polities and Asia-Pacific regional trade networks
Committee Chair: Mitch Hendrickson

Andrea Gonzáles Lombardi
Region:  The Andes
Topics of interest: Late Horizon and Early Colonial periods in the
Peruvian Andes; religious and sociopolitical processes; contact era and
power relationships


Beth Grávalos
Region: The Andes
Topics of interest: Political economy, household archaeology, craft production and apprenticeship; North-central highlands of Peru; Wari and Recuay cultures; textile analysis; artifact sourcing and archaeometry.
Committee Chair: Patrick Ryan Williams

Madeleine Halac Madeleine Halac-Higashimori
Region: Mesoamerica
Topics of interest: bioarchaeology, paleodiet, stable isotopes
John Hicks John J. Hicks
Region: Andes
Topics of interest: New World archaeology, cultural ecology, geoarchaeology, Andean civilizations
Kendall Hills
Region: Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: archaeology, early tropical state societies, state integration, monumental architecture, religion and ritual, integrative mechanisms, iconography, local agency
Committee Chair: Mitch Hendrickson
Ellen Kang
Region: Mexico
Topics of interest: political economy, neoliberalism, grassroots development in Mexico, anthropology of food, cultural narrative
Committee Chair: John Monaghan
Caleb Kestle Caleb Kestle
Region: Mesoamerica
Topics of interest: archaeology
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
Patrick M. Knight
Region: Chicago
Topics of interest: medical anthropology, mental health and illness, public mental health organizations, recovery-oriented care

Colin T. LeJeune Colin T. LeJeune
Region: East Africa
Topics of interest: Anthropology and archaeology of ethnicity; Connections between ancient trade, urbanism, social inequality and identity; Ancient DNA and isotopic analysis
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
Ben Linder
Ben Linder
Region: South Asia
Topics of interest: cultural anthropology, space and place, globalization, cosmopolitanism, urban Nepal, mobilities, popular culture
Committee Chair: Mark Liechty
Molly McGown
East Africa
Topics of interest: Medical anthropology, maternal and child health, bureaucracy and development, access to and utilization of services
Committee Chair: Crystal Patil
Jim Meierhoff
James Meierhoff
Region: Tikal, Guatemala (Historic)
Topics of interest: historical archaeology, Mesoamerican archaeology, colonial formation and history, frontier studies, battlefield archaeology, refugees
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
Caitlin Monesmith
Region: Peru
Topics of interest: dental anthropology, skeletal pathology, osteology, starch grains, dietary analysis
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams

Lexi Niekamp
Region: Southeastern Europe, Hungary, Greece
Topics of interest: Neolithic and Bronze Age of southeastern Europe; land and resource use strategies; and early village social dynamics. 

Elizabeth Obregón
Region: Cuba
Topics of interest: perceptions of ethnicity/identity, ancient and modern human genetics, mortuary practices, bioarchaeology, the Caribbean
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
 Headshot Rachael Penfil
Topics of Interest: archaeology, the Andes, complex societies, warfare, ritual, sociopolitical control
Committee Chair: Patrick Ryan Williams
Damian Peoples
Damian J. Peoples
Region: Western Europe
Topics of interest: masculinity, gender identity, race and ethnicity in France
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
Katerina Psimogiannou
Region: Central and Southern Greece
Topics of interest: archaeological method and theory, Greek and Balkan prehistoric archaeology, Neolithic period, ceramic analysis, mortuary practices, ritual, caves, consumption
Committee Chair: William Parkinson

Katerina Psoma 
Region:  Greece
Topics of interest: prehistoric stone tools; technological expertise, social
structure, and trade in prehistoric societies; and cognitive archaeology
in Paleolithic societies.
Committee Chair: William Parkinson

David Reid
David Reid
Region: Andes
Topics of interest: Andean prehistory, human settlement of high-altitude regions, development of complex societies, geoarchaeology
Erin Rice
Erin Rice
Region: Near East, South-Central Levant
Topics of interest: prehistoric archaeology, trade and exchange, development of complex societies, socio-political organization, obsidian analysis, XRF, GIS
William Ridge
William Patrick Ridge
Region: Greece
Topics of interest: prehistoric archaeology, beginnings of social differentiation and complexity, regional analysis, GIS
Luisa Rollins
Luisa J. Rollins
Region: Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Latin America
Topics of interest: sociocultural anthropology, political economy and ecology, the green economy, environmental justice, consumption and commodities, eco/tourism, ethnobotany, race, gender
Committee Chair: Molly Doane
Neslihan Sen
Neslihan Sen
Region: Turkey
Topics of interest: medicalization of (hetero)sexuality, construction of the body, modernity, gender, biomedicine
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
Sarah Manandhar
Sarah Shepherd Manandhar
Region: South Asia
Topics of interest: anthropology of cloth, identity, globalization, popular culture in Nepal
Committee Chair: Mark Liechty

Douglas K. Smit
Region: Andes
Topics of interest: archaeology, political economy, colonialism, markets
Committee Chair: Brian Bauer

Larissa Smith
Region: Southeast Asia, South Pacific
Topics of interest: ethnoarchaeology, Melanesian hunter-gatherers and foragers
Committee Chair: Laura Junker

Ana Soares
Topics of interest: Urbanization, Ethnogenesis, the history of treatment and ethnic identification of indigenous peoples in nineteenth-century Manaus, a rubber-trading urban center in the Brazilian Amazon
Committee Chair: Anna Roosevelt

Kevin Suemnicht
Region: Oaxaca, Southern Mexico
Topics of interest: radical theory, anarchist organizational theory, Marxist political economy, direct action tactics in environmental struggles, advantages and disadvantages of identity-based movements
Committee Chair: Molly Doane
Pamela Whyms
Pamela Whyms
Region: East Africa
Topics of interest: molecular anthropology, ancient and modern DNA analysis, migration patterns of Bantu-speaking tribes
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
Wenpeng Xu
Region: China, Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: porcelain, trade
Committee Chair: Laura Junker