Graduate Students

 This is a picture of Aditi Aggarwal. Aditi Aggarwal
Region: India, Mumbai 
Topics of Interest: economic anthropology, mobile economies, (im)mobilities, gendered labour 
Committee Chair: Tarini Bedi
This is a picture of Alize Arican
Alize Arican
Region: Istanbul, Turkey
Topics of interest: politics of space, gender and securitization in changing urban landscapes, displacement and globalization, feminist methodologies
Committee Chair: Tarini Bedi
Emily Baca
Emily Baca Marroquin
Region: Peru
Topics of interest: Andean archaeology, interaction of complex societies, the Inca
Committee Chair: Ryan Patrick Williams
John Beaver
Region: North America
Topics of interest: archaeology, Native American studies
Committee Chair: John Monaghan
Kara Bantz Zachary Blair
Region: North America
Topics of interest: cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, environmental anthropology, queer communities and culture, race, gender
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
 Corey Bowen Corey Bowen
Region: The Andes
Topic of Interest: development and production of power, monumental architecture, archaeometry, iconography, GIS, public archaeology
This is a picture of Krystal Britt
Krystal Britt
Region: North American Southwest
Topics of interest: archaeology of warfare and conflict, prehistoric Sinagua, GIS
Committee Chair: Vince LaMotta
Canilao_Michael Michael Canilao
Region: Island Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: Intra-Asian region gold exchanges, chiefdom studies, upland-lowland interactions (10th to 16th c.), contact period archaeology (17th to early 20th c.)
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
 Josephine Chaet Josephine Chaet
Region: The Middle East
Topics of interest: cultural anthropology, crime, development of legal sanctions, gender, and honor-based violence
Committee Chair: Tarini Bedi
Alexandra De Leon Alexandra De Leon
Region: Southeast Asia, Philippines
Topics of interest: Southeast Asian prehistory and archaeology, development of complex societies, ceramics
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
Rebecca Deeb
Region: Mexico
Topics of interest: Postclassic Lowland Maya, Mesoamerican archaeology, Maya, trade, rock art, gender
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
Rory Dennison Rory Dennison
Region: China
Topics of interest: complex societies, trade, exchange
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
Katy Dye
Katy Dye
Region: Latin America
Topics of interest: social movements, gender and ethnonationalism, reproductive politics, 20th century Bolivia
Committee Chair: Molly Doane

Aldo Foe
Region: Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: historical archaeology, identity, culture change, colonialism, Islanic Archaeology
Committee Chair: Laura Junker

Kimberly Garza
Region: Mississippi
Topics of interest: stress, adolescent health, metabolism, obesity
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
Jacob Orin Gold
Region: Southeast Asia, Cambodia
Topics of interest: ethnobotany, human-environment interactions, the roles of ethnic minorities in Southeast Asian polities and Asia-Pacific regional trade networks
Committee Chair: Mitch Hendrickson
 Beth Gravalos Beth Grávalos

Region: The Andes
Topics of interest: Political economy, household archaeology, craft production and apprenticeship; North-central highlands of Peru; Wari and Recuay cultures; textile analysis; artifact sourcing and archaeometry.

Committee Chair: Patrick Ryan Williams

John Hicks John J. Hicks
Region: Andes
Topics of interest: New World archaeology, cultural ecology, geoarchaeology, Andean civilizations
Kendall Hills
Region: Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: archaeology, early tropical state societies, state integration, monumental architecture, religion and ritual, integrative mechanisms, iconography, local agency
Committee Chair: Mitch Hendrickson
Ellen Kang
Region: Mexico
Topics of interest: political economy, neoliberalism, grassroots development in Mexico, anthropology of food, cultural narrative
Committee Chair: John Monaghan
Caleb Kestle Caleb Kestle
Region: Mesoamerica
Topics of interest: archaeology
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
Patrick M. Knight
Region: Chicago
Topics of interest: medical anthropology, mental health and illness, public mental health organizations, recovery-oriented care
Committee Chair: Mark Liechty 
Colin T. LeJeune Colin T. LeJeune
Region: East Africa
Topics of interest: Anthropology and archaeology of ethnicity; Connections between ancient trade, urbanism, social inequality and identity; Ancient DNA and isotopic analysis
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
This is a picture of Ben Linder.
Ben Linder
Region: South Asia
Topics of interest: cultural anthropology, space and place, globalization, cosmopolitanism, urban Nepal, mobilities, popular culture
Committee Chair: Mark Liechty
 This is a picture of Zoey Martin-Lockhart Zoey Martin-Lockhart
Region: India, metropolitan cities
Topics of interest: interface of mental health care systems and queer/LGBTIA+ communities; queer coping strategies; feminist/queer methodology; medical anthropology; post-colonial, feminist, queer, and disability theory.
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
Jim Meierhoff
James Meierhoff
Region: Tikal, Guatemala (Historic)
Topics of interest: historical archaeology, Mesoamerican archaeology, colonial formation and history, frontier studies, battlefield archaeology, refugees
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
 Shilpa Menon Shilpa Menon
Region: South Asia, India
Topics of Interest: gender and sexuality, queer culture and community, queer anthropology, transgender studies, postcolonialisms
Caitlin Monesmith
Region: Peru
Topics of interest: dental anthropology, skeletal pathology, osteology, starch grains, dietary analysis
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
Elizabeth Obregón
Region: Cuba
Topics of interest: perceptions of ethnicity/identity, ancient and modern human genetics, mortuary practices, bioarchaeology, the Caribbean
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
 Headshot Rachael Penfil
Topics of Interest: archaeology, the Andes, complex societies, warfare, ritual, sociopolitical control
Committee Chair: Patrick Ryan Williams
Damian Peoples
Damian J. Peoples
Region: Western Europe
Topics of interest: masculinity, gender identity, race and ethnicity in France
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
Katerina Psimogiannou
Region: Greece, Mediterranean, SE Europe 
Topics of interest: Pre-state societies, social evolution, mortuary practices, ritual, ceramic analysis, radiocarbon dating, European and eastern Mediterranean Prehistory, Neolithic and Bronze Age Greece, history and politics of archaeological thought and practice
Committee Chair: William Parkinson

Katerina Psoma 
Region:  Greece
Topics of interest: prehistoric stone tools; technological expertise, social
structure, and trade in prehistoric societies; and cognitive archaeology
in Paleolithic societies.
Committee Chair: William Parkinson

David Reid
David Reid
Region: Andes
Topics of interest: Andean prehistory, human settlement of high-altitude regions, development of complex societies, geoarchaeology
Committee Chair: Patrick Ryan Williams
Erin Rice
Erin Rice
Region: Near East, South-Central Levant
Topics of interest: prehistoric archaeology, trade and exchange, development of complex societies, socio-political organization, obsidian analysis, XRF, GIS
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
William Ridge
William Patrick Ridge
Region: Greece
Topics of interest: prehistoric archaeology, beginnings of social differentiation and complexity, regional analysis, GIS
Committee Chair: William Parkinson
Luisa Rollins
Luisa J. Rollins
Region: Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Latin America
Topics of interest: sociocultural anthropology, political economy and ecology, the green economy, environmental justice, consumption and commodities, eco/tourism, ethnobotany, race, gender
Committee Chair: Molly Doane
Neslihan Sen
Neslihan Sen
Region: Turkey
Topics of interest: medicalization of (hetero)sexuality, construction of the body, modernity, gender, biomedicine
Committee Chair: Gayatri Reddy
Sarah Manandhar
Sarah Shepherd Manandhar
Region: South Asia
Topics of interest: anthropology of cloth, identity, globalization, popular culture in Nepal
Committee Chair: Mark Liechty
 Dipti Sherchan Dipti Sherchan
Region: South Asia, Nepal
Topics of Interest: Representation, Visuality, Youth Culture, Modernity, Heritage

Larissa Smith
Region: Southeast Asia, South Pacific
Topics of interest: ethnoarchaeology, Melanesian hunter-gatherers and foragers
Committee Chair: Laura Junker
 Ana Soares Ana Luiza Morais Soares
Region: Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Topics of interest: Urbanization, ethnicity, order, and policing. Urban history and anthropology of the informal/formal and legal/illegal sides of the city, history of treatment and ethnic identification of indigenous peoples in the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century in Brazil
Committee Chair: Anna Roosevelt

Kevin Suemnicht
Region: Oaxaca, Southern Mexico
Topics of interest: radical theory, anarchist organizational theory, Marxist political economy, direct action tactics in environmental struggles, advantages and disadvantages of identity-based movements
Committee Chair: Molly Doane
 Alejandro Torres Alejandro Torres
Region: Mesoamerica
Topics of Interest: Bioarchaeology, burial practices, population
interactions, warfare, pathology, diet, stable isotopes
Committee Chair: Joel Palka
 Ashley Vance Ashley Vance
Region: Peru
Topics of Interest: Andean Archaeology, Trade and Exchange, Mortuary
Practices, the Inca and Wari
Committee Chair: Ryan Williams
Pamela Whyms
Pamela Whyms
Region: East Africa
Topics of interest: the oral microbiome, nutrition, rural and urban areas in Western Kenya
Committee Chair: Sloan Williams
Wenpeng Xu
Region: China, Southeast Asia
Topics of interest: porcelain, trade
Committee Chair: Laura Junker