UIC Supported Awards

The University of Illinois at Chicago provides various fellowships and awards to support graduate research. Graduate students in the Department of Anthropology have been very successful in these competitions. Here are a few examples:


Zachary Blair

Honorable Mention for his photograph "Affect and Solidarity Constructed" in the Imageof Research Results competition

Ashley Vance

Star Fellowship



 Alize Arican Alice Dan Dissertation Research Award  for research on gender and women's issues
Sandy De Leon Dean's Scholarship, "Mortuary Practices, Ceramics, and Community Identities in the Philippines During the Metal Age, ca. 500 BC – AD 1000."
Aditi Aggarwal Chancellor's Award, "Understanding gendered place making and relational networks of women vendors on Mumbai suburban trains."
Aditi Aggarwal  University Fellowship for four years of graduate studies at UIC 
Alize Arican Chancellor's Award, "Urban Transformation in Tarlabasi: Feminist Challenges to Discourses of Securitization."
Ancira Emily Baca Marroquin Provost's Award
Krystal Britt Chancellor's Award, "Migration, Interaction, and Community Formation in the Middle Little Colorado River Valley, Northern Arizona."
Josephine Chaet Chancellor's Award, "The Jordanian Women’s Union and Honor-Based Violence."
Caitlyn Dye Provost's Award
Elizabeth Obregon Chancellor's Award, "Cuban Identity: On the Island in the Diaspora."
Ana Luiza Soares Chancellor's Award, "Indigenous people of Manaus (1870-1930): the emergence of the invisible."
 Michael Canilao  Robert Corley Memorial Scholarship
Pamela Whyms Chancellor's Award, "Analyzing Relationships Between Diet, the Oral Microbiome, and Obesity in Western Kenya."
Wenpeng Xu Chancellor's Award, "Porcelains for the World: Understanding the Landscape, Techniques, and Market Strategies of Porcelain Production in Quanzhou, China (10th to 17th centuries)."


Alize Arican  Provost Award,  "Urban Transformation in Tarlabasi: Feminist Challenges to Discourses of Securitization."
Emily Baca Marroquin  Dean's Scholar Award  2016-2017, "Provincial Economy in the Chinchaysuyo: Imperial and Local Ceramic Distribution and Consumption, Asia Valley, Central Coast, Peru."
Michael Canilao Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Upland Gold Mining and Coastal Maritime Markets in the 10th-16th Centuries Philippines: Archaeological, Environmental and Geographical Approaches."
Alexandra De Leon
Provost Award, "Community Identities and Mortuary Styles in the Philippine Metal Age, 500 BC- 500 AD."
Beth Gravalos Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Wari Imperialism and Indigenous Knowledge: Political Economy and Craft Production in Prehispanic Peru."
Benjamin Linder
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Mobility, Cosmopolitanism, and the Global Production of Space between London and Kathmandu."
David Reid Provost Award, "Desert Roads and Waystations: Prehistoric State Expansion in Southern Peru during the Middle Horizon (A.D. 600-1000)."


 Alize Arican  University Fellowship to support four years of graduate studies at UIC
Michael Canilao
Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship, organized by the Office of International Affairs (OIA-UIC), to expand his current research in the Southeast Asian region
Rebecca Deeb
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Models of Exchange: Chemical Sourcing of Ceramics from a Rural Postclassic Maya Community"
Caleb Kestle
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Maya Animal Resource Use in Transition: Colonialism and Novel Strategies of Survival in Chiapas, Mexico"
David Reid
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Geoarchaeological Investigations of the Ocoña Valley, Southern Peru: Prehistoric State Expansion during the Middle Horizon (AD 600-1000)"
Neslihan Sen
Dean's Scholar Award for 2015-2016,

Vaginismus: The Embodiment of Modernity and Negotiations with Biomedical Authority in Turkey. 

Sarah Shepherd-Manandhar
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Fashioning Futures, Designing Dreams: Gender, Class, and Dress in Kathmandu, Nepal"
Douglas Smit Dean's Scholar Award for 2015-2016,
“Mercury, Mitayos and the Making of Andean Markets: Indigenous Labor in Colonial Huancavelica.”


Michael Canilao
Summer internship in Community Outreach at The Field Museum with the museum's "co-curation" initiative, in which community members work with the museum curators to develop programs, activities, and exhibits
Sandy De Leon
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Mortuary Variation and Social Interaction in the Philippine Metal Age, 500 BC- AD 500"
Jacob Gold
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Masters of a Fading Forest: Trade, Agency, and Traditional Medicine Among the Kuay People of Cambodia"
Madeleine Halac-Higashimori
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Diet and Socioeconomic Status at Xcambo, Yucatan"
Ellen Kang Provost's Award, "Production-based Alternative Food Movements: Community Gardening and the Community Garden Market in Chicago"
Molly McGown Alice J. Dan Dissertation Award for research on gender and women's issues
Molly McGown
Provost Award, "What is Care?: Policy, Procedures, and the Moral Economy of Caregiving and Among Midwives and Pregnant Women in Malawi"
Molly McGown
Rue Bucher Memorial Award to begin her research in Malawi
Rebecca Seifried
Dean's Scholar Award for 2014-2015
Rebecca Seifried
Provost's Award, "Weaving Tales With History: Contextualizing Archaeological Field Data with Archival Records"
Douglas Smit
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Daily Life at the “Mine of Death”: Indigenous Labor in Colonial Peru"
Douglas Smit Provost's Award, "Daily Life at the "Mine of Death": Archival Research at the Hunacavelica Mercury Mine in Colonial Peru"


Erin Antalis
Provost's Award, "Breastfeeding and the Practice of Mothering Among Refugees"
Emily Baca Marroquin
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Craft Production in the Inca Empire: Examining Ceramic Production to Infer Economic Interactions in Non-State Marginal Societies in the Asia Valley, Peru"
Rebekah Ciribassi
University Fellowship to support four years of graduate studies at UIC
Katy Dye

University Fellowship to support four years of graduate studies at UIC
John Hicks
Provost's Award, "Archival Research on Colonial-Period Settlement and Demography in the Tarata Valley, Peru"
Maggie Kaufmann
2013 Global Health Poster Award (UIC Public Heath), "Migration, Masculinity and HIV: Risk among Male Tajik Migrants in Moscow, Russia"
Maggie Kaufmann
Douglas Passaro Global Horizons Scholarship, School of Public Health, to conduct research on migration and HIV in Moscow, Russia in the summer of 2012
Aubry Kyle
University Fellowship to support four years of graduate studies at UIC
James Meierhoff
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Exploitation of the Last Maya Frontier: Exploring the Historic Village at Tikal, Guatemala"
Laura Nussbaum-Barberena
Dean's Scholar Award for 2013-2014, "Repossessing Democracy: Nicaraguan Migrants, Gender and the Politics of Dispossession"
Danielle Riebe Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Signatures of Prehistoric Interaction: The Chemical Analysis of River Clays and Ceramics from Late Neolithic Sites in Hungary and Romania"
Cecilia Smith Provost's Award, "An Archaeological Study of Land Use and Social Organization on Negros Oriental, Philippines"
Larissa Smith Provost's Award, “Tropical Foragers in Negros Oriental, Philippines: Constructing the Long-Term History of Land Use and Interaction with Lowland Populations"
John Villecco
University Fellowship to support four years of graduate studies at UIC


Rory Dennison
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Chemical Sourcing of Chinese Porcelain"
Alexander Markovic
Eastern Europe Fellowship for 2012-2013
Molly McGown
2011 Bonnie C. Minsky Memorial Scholarship, School of Public Health, to conduct research on maternal/child health and nutrition
Laura Nussbaum-Barberena
Provost's Award, "Women Migrants and Rights: Transnational Organizing Between Costa Rica and Nicaragua Behavioral and Social Sciences Anthropology"
Damian Peoples
Provost's Award, "Masculinity amid Marginality: Gender Identity in the French Banlieues"
Matthew Piscitelli
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Use Modern Tools to Reconstruct Ancient Ritual in Peru"
Luisa Rollins
Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Development through Conservation: The Politics of the Environment"
Rebecca Seifried Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, "Understanding State-Border Interaction Using Medieval and Modern Agricultural Terraces in Greece"


Dylan Lott
Provost's Award, "Refuge Mental Health Assessment Among Practioners of Traditional Tibetan Medicine"
Alexander Markovic
Dean's Scholar Award for 2011-2012
Jim Meierhoff
Provost's Award, "Archeological Investigations of the Historic Tikal Village"
Matthew Piscitelli
Provost's Award, "Predictive Mapping of Late Archaic Domestic Structures in the Norte Chico, Peru"
Erin Rice Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship, “Understanding Social Organization through Long Distance Exchange items During the Transition to Agriculture in the South-Central Levant"
Larissa Smith Abraham Lincoln Graduate Fellowship