Associated UIC Faculty

Allison Doubleday
Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences

Areas of Interest: Dr. Doubleday has a PhD in Anthropology and uses molecular genetic techniques to answer questions about ancient human health and disease, human burial practices, primate evolution and primate skeletal biology.

Julienne Rutherford 
Associate Professor in the College of Nursing

Areas of Interest: Dr. Rutherford's work spans both human and non-human primate gestational and developmental biology in ecological and evolutionary contexts. She also addresses issues of health disparities, both in terms of intergenerational transmission of inequality and evidence-based clinical applications.

Robert Bailey
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health

Areas of interest: Dr. Bailey is interested in the prevention of HIV in Africa; male circumcision for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases; prevention of HIV transmission among men who have sex with men in Africa; use of text messaging for recruitment and adherence to medication; care and support of people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

Nadine Naber
Associate Professor; Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies 
Director of the Arab American Culture Center

Areas of Interest: Dr. Naber's research interests lie at the intersections of transnational feminisms; women of color and queer of color theory; de-colonizing feminisms; empire studies; critical race studies; and Middle East Studies; and Arab American Studies. Drawing upon these fields, Nadine’s research theorizes the racialization of Arab and Muslim Americans within the contexts of empire and diaspora and has sought to answer the following question: How can Arab American Studies respond to Orientalism and tackle sexism, homophobia, and racism in ways that neither reinscribe Arab-bashing nor engage in Orientalism?


Arab America: Gender, Cultural Politics, and Activism
Arab and Arab American Feminisms
Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11

Nadine Peacock 
Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences

Areas of Interest: Dr. Peacock has broad research interests in social and cultural components of and influences on women’s reproductive health, infant health and health disparities, and expertise in computer-assisted analysis of qualitative data, community participatory research, and the bridging of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.