Emeritus Faculty

Name Interest Region Email
Freeman, Susan Ethnology Europe Susan.T.Freeman@uic.edu
Gladfelter, Bruce Geomorphology and Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Pleistocene Studies Britain, Illinois Glad@uic.edu
Hall, Robert (deceased) Symbolism and Ritual, Chronological methods, Mesoamerican Connections; Plains and Midwestern Archaeology and Ethnology Mesoamerica, Plains and Midwest rlhall@uic.edu
Hockings, Paul Social Anthropology, Dravidian Languages, Ethnography of Medicine, Visual Anthropology Southern Asia, Ireland, China visualanthro@yahoo.com
Keeley, Lawrence H.
 Paleolithic archaeology, prehistoric warfare, functional analysis of stone tools, experimental archaeology, hunter-gatherer economics
 Europe  lkeeley@uic.edu
Waud H. Kracke, Waud H. 

 Social anthropology, psychoanalysis, dreams, psychology of leadership, political anthropology, culture shock  Native South America, Brazil  
Lieber, Mike Culture Change, Social Organization, Folklore, Communication, Program Evaluation, Applied Anthropology, Cybernetic and Systems Theory Oceania mdlieber@uic.edu
Phillip, James Old World Prehistory, Prehistoric Agriculture, Lithics Middle East, Upper and Epipaleolithic of the Near East and North Africa jphillip@uic.edu
Solzman, David Urban and Economic Geography, Technology, Energy and Urban Form, Psychological Perception of Space, Public Transportation, Neighborhood Change Chicago solzman@uic.edu
Soot, Siim Urban Transportation Systems, Urban Socioeconomic and Demographic Patterns on Traffic Generation and Travel Characteristics, Pedestrian Traffic Flow siim@uic.edu
Tiedemann, Clifford Economic Geography, Statistics CliffT@uic.edu
Vatuk, Sylvia Social anthropology, kinship, urban anthropology, legal anthropology, gender, aging South Asia vatuk@uic.edu