Lawrence H. Keeley



DPhil, Oxford University, 1977



Topics of Interest

Paleolithic archaeology, prehistoric warfare, functional analysis of stone tools, experimental archaeology, hunter-gatherer economics

Personal Statement

My current theoretical interests are frontiers and warfare in prehistory. In the past, I published general works concerning foraging economies, and the development and spread of agriculture. My methodological specialty is the analysis of stone artifacts, especially their uses. Most of my research has been concerned with the prehistory of western Europe. My most recent excavations involved Early Neolithic and Late Mesolithic sites in Belgium. I have participated in or directed excavations in California and Washington state, England, Spain, Belgium, Vietnam and Egypt. In 1995, I received the Society for American Archaeology's Award for Excellence in Lithic Studies.

Some of Professor Keeley's recent publications have associated databases. You can find the databases below:

Selected Publications

Baffles and Bastions: The Universal Features of Fortifications (with M. Fontana and R. Quick) Journal of Archaeological Research 15:55-95.


Frontier Warfare in the Early Neolithic. InTroubled Times. D. Miller and D. Frayer, eds. Pp. 303-319. Australia: Gordon and Breach.


War Before Civilization. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Proto-agricultural Practices by Hunter-gatherers.In Last Hunters, First Farmers: new perspectives on the prehistoric transition to agriculture. T. D. Price and A. Gerbrauer, eds. Pp. 95-126. Santa Fe: School of American Research Press.


(With D. Cahen)  Early Neolithic Forts and Villages in Northeastern Belgium. Journal of Field Archaeology 16:157-176.


Experimental Determination of Stone Tool Uses. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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Contact Information

Email: Office Phone: (312) 996-9418