UIC-Field Museum Collaborative Relationship

Thanks to a unique academic partnership, the UIC Department of Anthropology has joined with the anthropologists at the Field Museum to offer advanced degrees (MA and PhD) in Anthropology.

The combined resources of these two major research institutions offer a wide range of laboratories, artifact collections, fieldwork opportunities, and faculty dedicated to mentoring students.

While the collaborative UIC-Field Museum relationship can enhance the training opportunities of socio-cultural and biological anthropology students (especially those interested in ancient and modern DNA), it is most widely used by archaeology students. This is because the collaborative UIC-Field Museum program has established one of the largest concentrations of anthropological archaeologists in the country, with nearly complete world coverage.

Perhaps the most important aspects of this special relationship for incoming students is that (1) they can work with both UIC and Field Museum faculty and (2) they have access to resources at both institutions. Students do not need to fill out a separate application to participate in the collaborative UIC-Field Museum relationship. All graduate students in the program can seek out mentorship with faculty at both institutions