Visiting the Department

We encourage prospective graduate students to visit Chicago, UIC, and our department. Here are some suggestions for your visit. For additional information, please see the university web site: Visiting UIC.

What to do Before your Visit

Look over our departmental web site to see which staff members and faculty you would like to meet. Be sure to send emails to all the people that you would like to meet as soon as possible, and tell them what day you plan to visit.

Most professors will not have seen your application or have any information about you, so you need to introduce yourself in the email and, if possible, attach a CV which highlights your interests and background. Then you can arrange a specific meeting time with them. Remember that not all professors are on campus every day, and that it may take several emails with different professors to arrange your visit.

Meetings with professors generally last between 15-40 minutes. In order to give a good impression, you should also know a little about the professor's research before your campus visit.

You should also arrange to talk with the Program Coordinator in the Anthropology Department, as he/she will be able to give you details on the application process and answer other administrative questions. Remember the department is very concerned with finding a match between the student's interests and those of the faculty, so you will want to meet with the professors that you want to study with.

Visiting the Department of Anthropology at the Field Museum

Students who are interested in our program should also review the list of affiliated professors who are in other colleges and departments at UIC, as well as the Anthropology curators at the Field Museum. Our joint degree program with the Field Museum is one of the great strengths of our department. You may want to arrange to visit the museum and meet the curators who you are interested in working with.

The Field Museum is located about 40 minutes from UIC, so you need to allow time to travel between the two institutions. Many visitors to our campus try to arrange all of their UIC meetings in the morning and their Field Museum meetings in the afternoon (or the other way around).

It is easy to travel between the airport, the Field Museum, and UIC via public transportation (the Chicago Transit Authority).