FAQs for Undergraduates

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions concerning our undergraduate program.

Major and minor requirements: Where can I find information about the Anthropology major and minor (including which courses are required)?
The best place to find the major and minor requirements is the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section of the Undergraduate Catalog.  You can also seek major and minor advising from a Social Sciences Advisor in MC228 on the 3rd floor. For quick questions that do not require an individual appointment, please email the designated advisor Maryann Orawczyk at mo51287@uic.edu.

Course substitutions and transfer credit: Who can I talk to about substituting course requirements for the Anthropology major or changing transfer class credits in the major?
Social Sciences Advisors help facilitate this process with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology. Please be sure to have the supporting documentation ready (i.e. syllabus, course description) for the course you wish to transfer into the major/minor. The final decision is made by the department, not an advisor. To meet with a Social Sciences Advisor, call 312-996-3366.

Study Abroad: Who can I talk with to see what Study Abroad courses are available, or to learn about getting off-campus course credit for my degree
First, talk to the Study Abroad office on campus. Then, work with your Social Sciences Advisors and the Director of Undergraduate Studies to have ANTH courses reviewed prior to your departure.

Research opportunities and internships: Who can I talk to about independent research opportunities, research experience, or research internships?
Talk to faculty who you have taken courses with concerning undergraduate research opportunities. Also consult the Chancellor's Program for Undergraduate Research, Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative, Honors College, Summer Research Opportunities Program (for students from underrepresented groups), and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Internships are also available through the Sustainability Initiative at UIC

Graduation requirements: How do I know if I have enough credits in my Anthropology major to graduate?
Consult the UIC Liberal Arts and Sciences website for your entry year catalog, or speak to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. You can also schedule a “Grad Review” 30-minute appointment with a Social Sciences Advisors by calling 312-996-3366. Graduation reviews are only administered via appointment (not during walk-ins). It is recommended all students have a Grad Review the semester PRIOR to their final semester.

Independent Study and Honors Research: Who do I talk to about registering for independent studies and honors research courses?
Speak to the faculty member with whom you wish to work.  Ask if they can mentor your study. To enroll in ANTH 490, please see the Social Sciences Advisors in MC228 on the 3rd floor for the necessary paper work.  For other courses, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Course registration problems: How can I register for a course that is full or is on the schedule but closed?
Courses can fill to capacity or not be open for registration until the department assigns an instructor to the course. Wait for a possible opening in the course if a student drops it, contact the instructor the first week of class, or continue to check to see if additional seats are made available.