Why Study Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of human cultural and biological diversity across time and space. As the economy and workforce in the 21st century is becoming increasingly international, anthropology provides especially important training. It is the only discipline that approaches human questions holistically, using a combination of historical, biological, linguistic, and cultural perspectives. It provides the skills to understand complex social issues, their causes, and potential solutions. Students trained in anthropology have the analytical and methodological tools to apply their knowledge of human diversity to real world problems. For example anthropologists working in public health help to facilitate communication between medical providers and patients, especially where patients hold non-Western perspectives on medicine and healing. The research of anthropologists also helps inform policy and technology design at many levels in government, business, and non-profit arenas. As a minor, anthropology complements other scientific and liberal arts programs by helping students to understand the interconnectivity of knowledge about people and their cultures. Anthropology graduates are employed in the social sciences, medicine, public heath, government, urban planning, law, business, and many other professions.

UIC Student at Global Garden Farmers' market UIC Anthro students working in Hello Howard Dr. Doane at Hello Howard El Paseo community garden Shared Beds at El Paseo Hello Howard Rogers Park Community Garden Hello Howard Community Garden Processing ceramics from the Tonle Bak site in Siem Reap The 2017 Industries of Angkor Project field crew at Phnom Dek, Preah Vihear Going to work at the main temple enclosure of Preah Khan of Kompong Svay, Preah Vihear, Cambodia PoliticalRallyMumbai BombayLowerParel Anthropology Club at Hopewell Complex, Ohio Dr. Doane in Tenejapa, Mexico Coffee seedlings; Tenejapa, Mexico Coffee processing in Tenejapa, Mexico House in Tenejapa, Mexico Hauling compost, Tenejapa, Mexico This is a picture of two fabulous cats in Cochabamba taken by Katy Dye. This is a picture taken in Puno, Peru by Rachael Penfil This is a picture of a glacial lake in Puno, Peru taken by Rachael Penfil. Freak Street to Swayambhu(1) Buddhist Shiva lingams Image of Dr. Brian Bauer and Kevin Suemnicht at the HOPE Award Ceremony Dr. Bauer and Kevin Suemnicht at the HOPE Award ceremony


The Department of Anthropology at UIC offers programs in Anthropology and Geography at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The expertise of our faculty gives students the opportunity to pursue interests in most geographical areas of the world. We offer courses and training in archaeologybiological anthropology and sociocultural anthropology. 

Our department and the Field Museum have a collaborative PhD relationship through which UIC students can work closely with the curators, collections, and facilities at the Field Museum. The combined resources of UIC and the Field Museum are supportive of both sociocultural and archaeological research. There are very few other departments in the USA which have this kind of relationship with a major research museum.  

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Important Information for Instructors and Students REgarding DACA

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