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The Archaeology program at UIC offers a broad range of topical specializations in ancient economies, emergence of political and economic complexity, chiefdom-state interaction, early urbanism, origins of inequality, village social dynamics, craft production and technologies (ceramics, glass, metals), maritime trade, human ecology, ethnohistory, and social network theory. Current regional interests and projects span prehistoric and historic contexts across the New World and Old World in the United States (Southwest and Northeast), Mesoamerica (Oaxaca, Guatemala), South America (Peru, Brazil), Europe (Greece, Hungary), mainland and island Southeast Asia (Cambodia, the Philippines), East Asia (China) and the Pacific (Papua New Guinea).

Core UIC-Field Museum Archaeology Faculty

Foreman Bandama, Lecturer and Assistant Curator, the Field Museum, Ph.D., University of Cape Town (Africa)
Brian S. Bauer, Professor, Ph.D., University of Chicago (Peru and Bolivia)
Gary Feinman, Adjunct Professor and MacArthur Curator of Mesoamerican, Central American, and East Asian Anthropology at the Field Museum, Ph.D. (Mexico and China)
Mitch Hendrickson, Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Sydney  (South East Asia)
Laura Junker, Professor, Ph.D. University of Michigan (South East Asia)
Vincent M. LaMotta, Clinical Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Arizona (Southwest, USA)
William Parkinson, Professor and Section heaCurator at the Field Museum, Ph.D., University of Michigan  (Mediterrania and Eastern Europe)
Anna C. Roosevelt, Professor, Ph.D., Columbia University   (Amazon and Africa)
Rodrigo Solinis-Casparius, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Washington (Mesoamerica)
John Terrell, Adjunct Professor and Regenstein Curator at the Field Museum, Ph.D., Harvard University (Pacific)
Ryan P. Williams, Adjunct Associate Professor, Associate Curator, the Field Museum, Ph.D., University of Florida (Peru and Bolivia)

Our shared PhD program with the Department of Anthropology at the Field Museum of Natural History offers opportunities to work with the Curators of Anthropology and the extensive global collections curated within the museum. Students can also access the Elemental Analysis Facility which includes an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) laboratory, an X-ray Fluorescence laboratory, and an optical mineralogy laboratory.