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Dr. Feinman and Dr. Wali Publish Articles in Annual Review of Anthropology

Gary Feinman, Curator of Anthropology at the Field Museum, has published a review article in Annual Review in Anthropology (2023) entitled, "Reconceptualizing Archaeological Perspectives on Long-Term Political Change." Drawing mainly on archaeological evidence from the last half-century, the article reviews and challenges the extant theoretical frameworks that for the most part remain rooted in nineteenth century grand narratives, often directly extrapolate from the present back in time, and thereby constrain what we can discover and learn about humanity's past and the diverse paths it has taken.
Alaka Wali, Curator Emerita at the Field Museum, has published an article with co-author San Francisco State University Professor Robert Keith Collins (African/Choctaw descent) entitled “Decolonizing Museums: Toward a Paradigm Shift.” The review essay examines the discourses and practices that have produced a lively literature on museum decolonization created by scholars of museum practices and curators. The authors move from a discussion of the 1990s-era critique of ethnographic museums, to concerns regarding Native American representation and public displays and collaborations with museums, and the emergence of tribal museums and their contributions to the decolonization and indigenization of museums, as well as emerging paradigm shifts in both the anthropology of museums and anthropology in museums.