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Photo of Giampaoli, Michelangelo

Michelangelo Giampaoli, PhD

Visiting Lecturer



Building & Room:

BSB 2102


1007 W. Harrison St.


I am anthropologist and cultural heritage curator, graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (2004) and in Anthropological Sciences (2006) at the University​ of Perugia, where for several years I taught Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Medicine​ and Surgery. I also have a PhD in Ethnology and Anthropology (2010), a post-doc in Medical Anthropology (2011-2014) and another post-doc in Urban Anthropology (2016). For many years now I have been involved in research and enhancement of cemeteries as places of collective​ memory and daily life, in Italy, Brazil and France, publishing two books and many papers. In recent years I participated​ in international research, carried out in Italy and Brazil, on public health​, community empowerment and the experiences of deinstitutionalization in mental health.

I also taught​ Urban Anthropology and Anthropology of the Imaginary at the UNESP of Araraquara​ and Cultural Anthropology and History of Religions at the Centro Universitário​ Barão de Mauá of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

Selected Publications


– 2016: (with BARTOLI, Paolo): All’ombra dei cipressi. I cinquantaquattro cimiteri del comune di Perugia, Futura Edizioni, Perugia, 140 p.

– 2010: Il cimitero di Jim Morrison: trasgressione e vita quotidiana al Père-Lachaise di Parigi, Stampa Alternativa/Nuovi Equilibri editore, Viterbo, 392 p.


Chapters in edited volumes

– 2018: O menino e o baiano: Cruzeiros e santos de cemitério para a saúde do povo paulista. In: Ana Keila Mosca PINEZI and Clarissa DE FRANCO (edited), “Dinâmicas religiosas transnacionais e processos identitários”, Paco Editorial, Jundiai (SP), p. 299-330.

– 2018: Cemitérios como espaços de cidadania e liberdade: reflexão teórica e ação prática na cidade de São Paulo. In: Rafael Alves ORSI (edited), “O espaço urbano produzido: atores e desafios, planos e perspectivas”, Cultura Acadêmica Editora, Araraquara, p. 67-83.

– 2012 : Le mythe de l’«Indiano» pour les jeunes italiens. Deux cas d’études, in Alain BEAULIEU, Stéphanie BEREAU, Les Autochtones et l’Histoire – Actes du colloque 2009, La Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la question territoriale autochtone, Montréal, 2012, p. 67-89.


Papers in peer-reviewed journals

– 2018: L’Antropologia umana: Colette Pétonnet e la passione per gli ultimi, in ANUAC, v. 7, n° 1, giugno 2018, p. 197-206.

– 2017: Health Between Two Universes: The Search for a Treatment Through the Umbanda, in The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine, v. 32, p. 40-51.

– 2016: La tombe de Benito Mussolini à Predappio: Le culte d’un antihéros, in Ethnologie Française, v.162, p.347-358.

– 2014: Progetti terapeutici e rapporti temporanei nella pratica del Centro de Atenção Psicossocial per alcool e droghe (CAPS-AD) di Araraquara (Stato di São Paulo, Brazile), in AM Rivista della Società Italiana di Antropologia Medica, v. 38, p. 415-435.

– 2012: Rock around the grave. La tombe de Jim Morrison au Père-Lachaise, in “Ethnologie française”, v. 42, p. 519-530.


Post-Doctoral Training – Urban Anthropology (2015-2016), State University of São Paulo “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”, (Brazil).

Post-Doctoral Training – Medical Anthropology (2011-2014), University of Perugia.

Ph.D. International Doctorate Program in Ethnology and Anthropology – AEDE (2010), University of Perugia (Italy) - University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense (France).

Master Degree in Cultural Anthropolgy (MA) (June 2006), University of Perugia (Italy).

Master Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (MA) (March 2004), University of Perugia (Italy).

Professional Memberships

Founder Member of the SIAC (Italian Society of Cultural Anthropology);

Member of the AULCI (Umbria’s Congenital Heart Disease Association);

Member of the ABEC (Brazilian Association for the Study of Cemeteries)

Selected Presentations

5.1.2019: Visiting Lecture: « Necropolitan Ethnographies: Death and life in Chicagoland cemeteries », University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Anthropology, Chicago, U.S.

2.7.2019: Lecture: «Th e ‘Dark’ Side of the City: An anthropological analysis of Chicagoland Cemeteries », University of Chicago, Urban Workshop 2019, Chicago, U.S.

11.8.18: Visiting Lecture: « People need us! The Role of the Social Scientist in Public Health », University of Illinois at Chicago, Latino Cultural Center & Department of Anthropology, Chicago, U.S.

6.5.2018: Visiting Lecture: « The importance of public collections as potential sources of research », II Archives National Week, Ribeirão Preto Public Archive, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

9.21.2017: Visiting Lecture: « Refugees and Europe: human rights and the right to survival », VII Symposium on International Relations and Foreign Trade, Ribeirão Preto University, Brazil.

2.3.2017: Convener of the round table: « "Body and Social Sciences" Seminar – Session 5: Death and Human Remains », Center for Sociological and Political Research of Paris/ MSH / EHESS, Paris, France.

12.7.2016: Convener of the round table « Health Anthropology: The role of the social scientist in the field of Collective Health », Department of Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy, State University of São Paulo "Julio de Mesquita Filho", Araraquara, Brazil.

11.23.2016: Presentation of the paper (with Lucia Salles) « Breaking down the walls of cemeteries. Theory and practice of management of death », 13th Anthropology of Death International Colloquium, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico City, México.

10.6.2016: Visiting lecture « Cemeteries: places of citizenship and freedom », II Memória & Vida Seminar, Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC), São Paulo, Brazil.

6.26.2016: Presentation of the paper (with Keila Pinezi): « Religious Healing: Therapeutic itineraries in two religious contexts », II International Symposium of ABHR, Florianópolis (SC), Brazil.

5.24.2016: Visiting lecture « From resilience to resistance. An anthropology of community mental health », 10th multidisciplinary studies Forum, Franca Municipal University Centre, Franca (SP), Brazil.

1.30.2016: Visiting lecture « In the territories of teenagers: story of an experimental collaboration », Headquarters of the Region of Umbria, Perugia, Italy.

11.26.2015: Visiting lecture « Break on through (to the other side): an anthropological analysis of the most famous cemetery in the world », Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, State University of São Paulo "Julio de Mesquita Filho", Araraquara, Brazil

Research Currently in Progress

1) Actions, emotions and meanings in Chicagoland cemeteries:  Anthropological analysis and proposal for a social enhancement (U.S.)


2) from the domestic crisis to the ritual resolution in two Brazilian religious groups (BRAZIL).