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Photo of Ngernkerd, Pare

Pare Ngernkerd

Visiting Graduate Student, Silpakorn University

Anthropology, Archaeology

Pronouns: She/her


I am come from Bangkok, Thailand. I am interested in the field of geomorphology and sedimentology for applications in archaeology when I studied since 3-year of bachelor’s degrees. I had learned the technique of GIS analysis and sedimentology when I studied in the master’s degree at the department of geology, Chulalongkorn University. The interpretation of aerial photo and satellite imagery for the geomorphology past is my skill. So, I decided to study the field of landscape archaeology in PhD degrees because this field is not only focused on the relationship between the physical environment and settlement, but it also concerns the meaning of the built environment of human past.

Selected Grants

National Research Council of Thailand, Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Scholarship, .

Selected Publications

Ngernkerd, P., Choowong, M., Choowong, N., Surakiatchai, P. (2021). Late Pleistocene climate variation on the Khorat Plateau,northeastern Thailand inferred from the remnants of sand dune. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia 71 (May 2021) : 185 – 202


Ngernkerd, P. (2022) Approaches of Landscape Archaeology in current Thai archaeological research. Journal of Damrong Vichakarn 21, 2 (July – December 2022) : 10-36


Bachelor’s degrees of Art (Archaeology) from Silpakorn University, Thailand
Master’s degrees of Sciences (Earth Sciences) from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand