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Photo of Ellawala, Themal

Themal Ellawala

Graduate Student

Anthropology, Sociocultural


Building & Room:

BSB 2102


1007 W. Harrison

CV Download:

Themal Ellawala CV


I am interested in exploring various gender-sexual materialities and discursive practices as they appear in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan diaspora, and in understanding these phenomena against the backdrop of structural formations, such as the state and neoliberalism. Working at the intserstices of queer theory and postcolonial studies, I seek to interrogate interpellative gender-sexual forces as they circulate through various economies, and the ways in which such ideologies are inflected by notions of ethnicity, religion, class, nation, and capital. Working within these theoretical frameworks and conceptual categories, my work aims to address the "silences in the archive" and re-signify negative spaces such as silence, absence, inaction, and aberration.